Coaching empowers you to take charge. You decide the challenges and opportunities that you want to work on during the coaching sessions.

This is your opportunity to live a happier, more balanced and purposeful life.

Coaching packages

As a coach I can work with you on a broad range of topics, such as:
I offer different coaching packages
A (four sessions), B (eight sessions) or C (12 sessions). Your choice of which coaching package fits best, depends on where you are in life and why you want coaching. Ultimately, coaching is about maximizing your potential in any area of your life. We can discuss your coaching need in the first free session.
For those of you who are completely new to coaching and want to see how coaching can help you, I have made a special starter package.

Starter Pack

2 sessions
  • The starter pack is for people who are trying coaching for the first time and want to see how coaching can help them with a question or challenge they have.
  • The starter pack consists of 2 sessions, each of 45 mins, for a discounted fee of 50 Euros in total.

Package A

4 sessions
  • Do you want to get more clarity and set clear goals for yourself? In four sessions we can start working on gaining a better understanding and awareness on goals that matter to you.

Package B

8 sessions
  • Do you want to focus on building your career with a better balance between your personal and professional life? Package B gives us the opportunity to explore the challenges you are facing and to focus on what you can do to take charge of your life and find that balance.

Package C

12 sessions
  • How can I live my true potential? How do I live a life that is purpose driven and aligned with my values, beIiefs and inner power? If you are asking these deep and transformative questions, then these 12 sessions will provide you with more space, clarity and a deeper understanding of where you want to take your life.

Pritti Rana is a Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success Coach. The Jay Shetty Certification school is accredited by the Association for Coaching. Her coach certificate is evidence of her coach training in line with the industry standards.