Who is the Prana Coach?
I am Pritti Rana and as an ambitious professional, I am working for a big corporate organization where I see the need for coaching around me daily. In my work and personal environment, I hear and see so many people getting overwhelmed by their work and responsibilities. This causes anxiety, stress and loss of purpose in life.

That’s why I decided to become a certified life and success coach to help others bringing out the best in themselves. As a coach I believe that everyone has the ability and power to work on challenges and make changes in their life. I would love to work with you as your coach to help you find your balance and focus on what truly matters to you. I coach in Dutch and English.

I have coached several clients who are already seeing improvement in their own lives. With my coaching I help people find tools and opportunities to take charge of their life and navigate towards the goals that are important to them. I believe that with coaching, people can be guided to find their own answers, align their values with their (work) life, and be their full authentic selves.
KVK The Prana Coach: 85232270
IBAN: NL27 INGB 0675 3404 03